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The whole process of skydiving including the transports takes usually about 4,5-5 hours of time from the start time, but it may be delayed or ultimately cancelled due to weather issues, or other unexpected elements. If you have any sort of hurry on the day of your jump in form of booked tours, flight/bus/train tickets - Please inform us to prevent any miscommunication. We will not be responsible and will not compensate any missed tours, flight tickets, buses or similar. Thank you for understanding.

Our weight limit is 120 kg, however there are some limitations, because we need to fit you to the skydiving gear. Your BMI therefore should not be higher than 35, you can use the calculator here to check yours:

Anyone under 18 years old must have their parents sign the application, also there is minimum requirements so your children can fit into our skydiving gear. It is at least 130 cm height, and 40 kgs of weight. 

I am sorry, but all the seats in our cars going to the dropzone are only reserved for the people actually doing the jump. If you insist of bringing someone else with you just to watch, you will have to get them there by your own means, or we can organize a special extra car for you and your companions. This special car includes hotel pick up and drop off for everyone and costs 2700 CZK for a small car that can fit up to 4 people, or 3200 CZK for a bigger Van that can fit up to 8 people. 

The transport needs be paid upfront and there are no refunds. Just a word of caution: It can happen that your friends don’t even see you jumping, because there might be some weather complication and we will have to cancel, however the transport needs to be paid anyway, once you enter the car.

Also please do let us know if you are planning on bringing your children with you, because by Czech law all children under 36 kgs and/or 150 cm, must be transported in a baby car seat – no way around it. Not all of our cars are equipped with them, so let us know well in advance.  

Because we love our clients, everyone that books a jump through this website, gets a free gift after their jumping in the value of 600 CZK. If you want to check what they are exactly, check the special page here: Gifts

Yes, there are, in the changing room, when you get suited up for your jump. However it can only fit smaller bags. If you are bringing your bigger luggage with you, you can keep that in our offfice before you leave for the Dropzone. 

I am sorry that is just not possible, there is a special cameraman asigned to each jumper which shoots all your skydiving from the exiting plane, freefall to landing. It is not possible to shoot more people at once. 

Well, First of all do not trust weather forecasts, it is mostly guessing ;) We mostly decide if the weather is suitable for jumping or not in the morning of the day of your jump. Then if there is some change we will notify you ASAP. However if you insist you want to change your date, do let us know at least 2 days in advance, after that we cannot change your booking. 

We need the deposit to be paid to our PayPal account on the link here: As for the rest of the payment, you do that after the jump and you can use cash CZK, EUR (in current Exchange rate to CZK), or credit card. (We accept almost everything except American Express).

Send us a picture of what you would like to jump in, and we will review it if it is possible to jump in it without compromising the safety of the jump.

No, We only have experienced and handsome men instructor :-)

No, sorry. Due to the nature of the tandem jump skydiving, for safety reasons only your tandem pilot will wear a helmet, you wearing it in close proximity to him would mean a greater risk of injury for him, and he is the one that is landing and operating the parachute for you. 

No need, it is included in the price, you will get from us a beautiful Kingston 8 GB UTG Flash drive, which you can even plug to your phone and play your video on the go (only applied if you have an android phone with microUSB input, sorry Iphone users).

You can come along in underwear if you feel like it, we won’t judge you.

You will get a jumpsuit from us anyway. The only thing you will definitely need is a good pair of shoes. Something that won’t fall of your feet, while exiting the plane. We very much doubt you’d find them again and the falling shoes could be a hazard for anyone jumping before you.

That is very individual, I’d stick to your usual eating habits. Don’t overeat, but also don’t come starving from your 3 days "salad before skydiving diet." Stick to your usual routine, but if you know that you throw up on a rollercoaster or a usual commercial flight, modify your meals accordingly.

Well firstly send us an email to , it’s always good to include information like where did you finish your license, include a copy or a scan of your license, your logbook, and a medical card stating you are fit for skydiving. After we check out your credentials, we’ll just figure out how to get you to the dropzone and blue skies await!

If you wear prescription glasses we recommend you to wear contact lenses instead during the jump. If you don’t have that option you can wear your glasses, but at your own risk and in case you lose them, we take no responsibility.

You must be a minimum of 18 years old. If you are not, your legal guardian can sign the application for you.

We use the most modern student, solo, and tandem gear. All of the equipment is serviced and maintained by certified technicians. The parachutes are packed by professionals, the reserves are packed and repacked even if unused (it's not only a good idea, it's the law). Statistically speaking you are more likely to be struck by lightning than having a skydiving accident.

Every skydiving rig is equipped with both main and reserve parachute. Every rig! As a tandem skydiver, you are with a trained professional who knows how to handle a malfunction and deploy the reserve canopy if it's necessary. We take your safety very seriously and we have never had a fatality. Also all our rigs are also equipped with a device called an Automatic Activation Device (AAD). This device constantly measures your speed and altitude during a skydive and -- if you are going too fast too low -- will deploy a parachute automatically.

We will take you there and back by air conditioned minibus for free from our Prague city center meeting point. The ride takes about one hour from the center, depending on traffic. If you are part of a bigger group (4+) give us a heads up and we can pick you all up somewhere along the way.

For a tandem skydive, we take you to 4000 meters. Freefall lasts about sixty seconds, depending a lot on body-weight, surface area, and a number of other factors. You will then have about five minutes under canopy to enjoy the view.

Our PAC750 XL gets to the desired altitude in about 15-20 minutes.

At 120mph, inhaling is real easy. If you find it difficult to exhale, panic and scream, which is just another way to exhale. Then inhale which, as mentioned, is very easy at that speed. In short, yes, you can breathe in freefall.

Yes. We do have professional cameramen waiting to catch your special moment for you.

A highly trained skydiver leaves the plane with you (a little before, actually) and follows you down. You will be recorded on the plane ride, throughout freefall and through canopy deployment. Your landing will also be recorded for posterity. So enjoy and smile!

No, not even GoPro. We know it may seem like we just want to take more hard earned cash from you for the videos, but trust us when we say that anyone in the air without proper training and experience of handling the device is a great hazard. And we would not only be risking your own safety, but of everyone around you. You can ask anywhere in the world, and you will not find a dropzone that allows this on tandem jumps.

At first it is hard to believe for anyone who did not try before, but believe us that afterwards you will. We tell everyone with fear of heights this: it’s like looking at Google maps. At 4000 meters the ground is a long way.

We are open depending on the season. We usually start the season at the end of March and end it mid-November, or how weather permits. Throughout the season we have regular skydiving planned on Wednesdays, Fridays, and weekends. But if there is enough people interested, we can make it happen for you just about anytime. The times differ, the first minibus from our Prague city center office usually leaves at 11:30 during the week, and at 10:30 during the weekends. Just to be sure we book the spot you want, give us a call at +420 732 333 777 or drop us an email at


We have our skydiving meeting point located in the heart of Prague, 20 meters from Old Town square the astronomical clock and all the other famous venues. From here we will take you (for free) to our small private airport north of Prague with our air-conditioned minibus. The ride takes about an hour (depending on the traffic) alongside beatiful czech countryside.